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Welcome to Spirited Solutions.

bulletWeb Publishing services range from assistance in establishing a  nominal business presence on the web to more comprehensive solutions involving strategic business partners.   Web publishing involves Microsoft Expression Design, NT / LINUX, and IIS ver 4 / Apache web servers.
bulletProject Management services range from implicit assistance to clients when extending solutions in phased implementation to the explicit and complex management of interactions involving strategic business partners. 
bulletNetwork Management services range from risk evaluation of existing conditions to troubleshooting and implementation of comprehensive solutions involving  strategic business partners.


Web Publishing
Customer Service gathers detail to determine client intent for commitment and to understand client's business style, services and products. Spirited Solutions may extend services in roles of Producer, Editor, Writer, Scripter/Programmer, and Technician(s) for hardware support and web testing.  Many solutions will involve strategic business partners.  Clients are responsible for securing timely arrangements with an Internet Presence Provider (IPP).  Spirited Solutions is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and does not extend long term services as a production IPP.  Spirited Solutions must be contracted for exceptional services.
Project Management
Implicit assistance is extended to clients as simple solutions involve phased implementation.  Explicit project management involves scheduling complex processes and problem resolution of issues, such as, involvement of business partners and client furnished material and services. Spirited Solutions must be contracted for exceptional services including explicit project management.
Network (resource) Management
Risk assessment of existing resource conditions is available.  Such assessment may be necessary to affect solutions.  Clients must contract for network (resource) management support involved in troubleshooting problems and in implementing solutions.   Comprehensive solutions involving  strategic business partners may involve explicit project management.  See Project Management.

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