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About James O'Connell Mission Newsletter

The NewsLetter, called 'WORD OF LIFE (1 John 1, 1), is mailed monthly and announces the upcoming Charismatic Praise & Healing Liturgy and other upcoming events of the Prayer & Praise Ministry at Holy Family Church and of WORD OF LIFE Ministries.

WORD OF LIFE also contains teachings by James O'Connell and stories of interest to the community, periodical updates on the ministry or his family and on any new tapes in the making.

Subscriptions are free.  If you would like to register please got to our Donation page.

The Newsletter is mailed out with a "Response Slip" that looks like this:

WORD OF LIFE Ministries                        James O'Connell                                     RESPONSE SLIP

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Comments/Prayer Requests:

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Please make check Payable to: WORD OF LIFE, P.O. Box 18610, San Jose, CA 95158

And we encourage our readers to send in their Prayer Requests. They get prayed over daily and placed in a basket to be prayed over by the community at the Prayer Meetings and Charismatic Liturgies.

An envelope for donations is also enclosed.

For More Information Contact:

Word of Life
PO Box 18610, San Jose CA 95158
Tel: 408-978-9858
FAX: 408-737-8137
Internet: info@bdoss.com

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