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Fr. Thomas Foster, SJ - James O'Connell

Word of Life, a Lay Association, takes its vision from Scripture and the Documents of Vatican II. It is devoted to furthering the proclamation of the Gospel through teaching and music. (Col. 3:16-17)"The conditions of this age lends spiritual urgency to the Church's task of bringing all to full union with Christ.... " (LG 1) The mission of the Church is the responsibility of the whole Church, cleric and lay.

Fr. Foster and Mr. O'Connell are well known in the San Jose Diocese for their inspirational teamwork in Liturgical Worship, Renewal, and Evangelization ministries at Holy Family Parish. Through Word of Life they now are able to bring this dedication and inspiration to other churches and communities through the following ministries:

Days or Evenings of Reflection for those involved in Liturgical Ministry.

"Twilight Retreats" for the Parish (these are ideal for Advent and Lenten devotions).

Inspirational Evenings (these are devotional evenings using prayerful music along with scriptural texts and times for meditation).

Liturgical Music for Sunday Liturgies.

  1. Fr. Tom Foster is a Jesuit Priest assigned to the Jesuit Retreat House in Los Altos, California, where he is a Retreat Director. Previous to this assignment, he was the Pastor of Holy Family Church in San Jose, California, for 11 years. As Pastor, he was responsible for successfully developing and implementing many parish ministries within the framework of the documents of Vatican II. Fr. Foster holds BS and MA degrees in biology and a MDiv degree in theology.
  1. James O'Connell is a layman working in full time evangelism and music ministry in the San Jose and surrounding Dioceses. He spent three years as the Director of Liturgy, Renewal and Evangelization at Holy Family Parish and over twenty years in music ministry in this Diocese. He is a published liturgical songwriter and has released two cassettes of Christian music. He holds a degree in Philosophy with minors in Music and Religious Studies. He is the Founder and Director of Word of Life.


PO Box 18610, San Jose, CA 95158

(408) 978-9858 (415) 948-4491

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Title   PO Box 18610, San Jose, CA 95158

  (408) 978-9858 (415) 948-4491

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