A Change of Heart

"Why in the world would I want to become a Christian?" asked a young woman who has responding to a question posed by a street minister. That day, the minister was handing out to those passing by a pamphlet on inviting Christ into one's life and becoming a Christian.

"Being a Christian means I will have to give up everything I enjoy; smoking, drinking, telling jokes, and wearing the types of clothes I like," said the young woman.

The minister just stood and listened as the woman went on, "I am not perfect. I cannot be like you. I am a sinner, so I cannot be a Christian."

After a moment, the minister responded, "Is that what you think, that Jesus died for the sins of the PERFECT, for the sinless?"

"Well, no," replied the young woman as she fumbled with her purse, slightly unnerved.

The minister continued, "It is because of our sinful nature that God sent His Son. The Bible is not filled with stories of perfect people, but of the imperfect; of robbers who repented of their stealing, of prostitutes who turned from their evil ways, and of adulterers who sought forgiveness from their sins. Through God, and His Son Jesus Christ, we can OVERCOME sin through His mercy and forgiveness."

The young woman seemed confused. "So, are you telling me that even if I smoke, drink, tell jokes, and dress the way I want, God will still accept me the way I am?"

Again, the minister answered, "God is more concerned with the inner being than what shows on the outside. He recognizes a pure and sincere heart, one that seeks to please Him." (Matthew 25:46)

"And what if I screw up?" asked the woman.

"God forgives those who truly seek His forgiveness and repent of their past transgressions," responded the minister as he handed the young woman a small Bible, "that is the only difference between you and me. It is not that I am perfect, for I am far from it.

During that same hour, the minister and young woman talked more about God, forgiveness, and a change of heart. Right then, the young woman made a conscious decision to accept Jesus Christ into her life, for she realized she had exactly what it took to be a Christian . . . . a sinner who was not perfect, but sought God's perfect way.

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