Check-In About Basic Needs

1. Do you usually get six to eight hours of sleep?

2. Every day do you eat some food which is fresh and unprocessed?

3. Do you allow time to touch nature, however briefly, each week? On a daily basis?

4. Do you drink plenty of water?

5. Do you seek health care on a regular basis?

6. Do you pay attention to your body's needs (eg., stress, fatigue, pain, etc.)?

7. Are you hugged and touched amply? Are you sensual needs met?

8. Do you get enough fun exercise?

9. Do you regularly nurture yourself? Your friendships? Your romantic relationships? Your marriage?

10. Are there people in your life who know you well, can listen, and who truly support you?

11. Do you ask for help when you can use it (not waiting until an emergency to require assistance)?

12. Do you regularly release or transform your emotions of anger and grief?

13. Do you extend compassion to yourself for mistakes made on a regular basis?

14. Do most of your actions bring fulfillment, joy, and meaning in your life?

15. Are you frequently touched by beauty in your life?

16. Do you often feel the presence of the "Holy" (eg., God, Christ, Holy Spirit) in your life?

17. Do you make time for solitude? Do you incorporate prayer, meditation, or contemplation in your life on a daily basis?

18. Do you play, have fun, and laugh often?

19. Do you have ways in which to open yourself to compassion, forgiveness, and love?

20. Do you accept yourself as sacred and precious to God?

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