Celebrating Birthdays

The day of our birth is an anniversary of life. Each year this day stands apart as a moment to reverence our life and the lives of those we love. We should take special care in the way we celebrate. The following are some ways to keep holy this day of life.

Eight Ways to Celebrate Your Special Day

1. Don't just let the day happen. Plan to do something you enjoy on your birthday.
2. Send flowers to your parents. Thanking them for giving you life.
3. Give yourself a gift, something no one knows you would like.
4. Look up on your birth certificate the exact moment of your birth. When that time comes pause and pray silently for the gift of life.
5. Donate a book to the school library in your name.
6. Plant a tree for your sake and the sake of the earth.
7. Call on the phone someone from your childhood, perhaps your "best friend" in grade school or a favorite coach or teacher.
8. Take some time off and visit a favorite place: a park, the zoo, a museum. Take the whole family or go alone, but relax and enjoy your special day.

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