Build A Community

  Get out of the house and take a walk.

  Take an active role in bringing your neighborhood together. Don't just Say "hi" to your neighbors when taking a walk; start a dialogue with them even if it's a comment on their garden or the weather.

  Spend 15 minutes in the front yard each day, watering, gardening, or just sitting.

  Exchange phone numbers and e-mail addresses with five people on your street.

  Plan an annual even centered around a yard sale, a barbecue, a progressive dinner, or a holiday.

  Invite everyone in the neighborhood to neighborhood events, regardless of personal feelings or previous disputes.

  Organize a Neighborhood Watch. Your local police department will supply the kits and come out to speak to your group.

  Form a baby-sitting co-op with other parents on your street.

  Involve your neighbors in emergency preparation. Find out who has a generator, who knows CPR, etc.

  On 3 x 5 cards, write your name, names of your kids, spouse, dogs and cats, your phone numbers at home and at work. Give them to new neighbors along with a blank index card for them to do the same.

  The holidays, like Halloween, are a perfect time to go door-to-door and introduce yourself to your neighbors.

  Remember that having a good neighbor starts with being a good neighbor. Offer to bring in trash cans and newspapers when your neighbor goes on vacation. Don't let your dog run loose to "do their business" on the neighbors' grass.

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