One of the great movie directors, Frank Capra, made several films depicting the triumph of the common man over the apparently superior forces of corruption. In these films we can see vividly how good comes out on top in the end, even when things at first seem pretty hopeless.

In our recent times the world has seen encouraging evidence of the crumbling of oppressive regimes that once seemed indomitable. The reason is because difficult circumstances that may have seemed unalterable are being changed for the better through a perception of God's unchanging goodness.

Christ Jesus' works recorded in the Bible aren't simply miracles with no relevance to our own lives. They exemplify the power of God to correct whatever is discordant in human experience. They tell us that divine justice is infinitely more than theory; it's provable fact. Egotistic worldly thinking; however, supposes that it can suppress individual rights, that it can exalt itself and defy the divine order of things. Though it does appear sometimes to succeed, its supposed kingdom, contradicting the Biblical precepts that alone confer harmony, must inevitably be sent as lacking genuine authority or support.

In absolute truth, there is no victim or victimizer. Man, as the outcome of God, is His spiritual likeness, governed by His wisdom alone. This truth is what is really going on. It's what God has established, and what we can progressively prove.

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