Eleven Steps to Successful Delegation

Here are some ways a leader can effectively delegate responsibilities:
1. Be upfront about why you're delegating. Tell the person you've asked to do a job why you aren't doing the job yourself. Perhaps the best reason is that the other person can do it better than you can.
2. Explain why you chose a delegate. In some cases this answer can be a motivational boost.
3. State what the person should accomplish. Give a short, simple explanation of the job that needs to be done.
4. Determine the scope of authority. Spell out precisely what the person is authorized to do on his or her own and what needs your approval.
5. Decide what should be kept confidential. Make sure the person knows what should be kept confidential and why.
6. Decide how that person should work with others. If the job you delegate is part of a larger project, let the person know to whom he or she should report. Also, tell other supervisors or employees about the person you have appointed and what he or she will be doing.
7. Determine a timeline for the job. Negotiate deadlines for the project. Then put them in writing to avoid any misunderstanding.
8. Set the perimeters of authority. If there are any special constraints on expenses, say so from the beginning. Also, discuss how much freedom the person you appoint has to negotiate with outsiders.
9. Decide if the person can re-delegate. Can the person you choose to do something pass off responsibility to someone else? Decide that before the deed is done.
10. Arrange for progress reports. Any form of control you wish to exercise, including reports and visits, should be discussed and jointly agreed upon before passing on a job.
11. Arrange for immediate feedback. Evaluating a task with the person who does it while the task is being carried out gives the person a say in how the job is accomplished. It also gives you the opportunity to evaluate yourself and the employee throughout the situation.

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