Read these statements everyday, until they become part of your thinking.
NOT memorize them.
Think straight and you will feel great.

1. I am a unique and precious human being, always doing the best I can, always growing in wisdom and love.

2. I am in charge of my life.

3. My #1 responsibility is my own growth and well-being. The better I am to me, the better I will be to others.

4. I refuse to be put down by the attitudes or opinions of others.

5. I make my own decisions and assume the responsibility of any mistakes. However, I refuse to feel shame
    or guilt about them.

6. I am not my actions, I am the actor. My actions may be good or bad. That doesn't make me good or bad.

7. I am not free as to the things that will happen to me, but I am 100% free regarding the attitude I have
    toward these things. My personal well-being or my suffering depend on my attitudes.

8. I do not have to prove myself to anyone. I need only to express myself as honestly and effectively as I
    am capable.

9. I am free of animosity or resentment.

10. My emotional well-being is dependent primarily on how I love myself.

11. I am kind and gentle toward me.

12. I live a day at a time, do first things first.

13. I am patient and serene for I have the rest of my life in which to grow.

14. Every experience I have in life (even the unpleasant ones) contribute to my learning.

15. No one on the world is more important than I as a person.

16. My mistakes and non-successes do not make me a louse, worthless, or whatever. They only prove that
      I am imperfect, that is human. And there is nothing wrong with being human.

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