Be accepting.Not all of your friends have to think and act like you do. (Wouldn't it be boring if they did?)

Be a good listener. This means looking at people while they're talking to you and genuinely paying attention to what they're saying.

Don't be a show-off. Not everyone you meet will have your abilities and interests, but that doesn't mean you have to rub it in. (On the other hand, you shouldn't have to hide your abilities in order to feel accepted.)

Don't just use your friends as sounding boards for your problems. Include them in the good times, too.

Let people know that you are interested in them. Don't just talk about yourself; ask questions about others.

Be honest. Tell the truth about yourself and your convictions. When asked for your opinion, be sincere. Friends appreciate forthrightness in each other.

When necessary, temper your honesty with diplomacy. The truth doesn't have to hurt. There are times when frankness is inappropriate and unnecessary.

Reach out; don't always wait for someone else to make the first move. A simple "he" and a smile go a long way.

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