Lady of Guadalupe

Lady of Guadalupe, To Thee We Pray!

Our vision is blurred by heartaches and tears.
How hard it is to see our way clear.
With eyes of faith clear our painful vision.
That we may arise unto your Son's saving Mission.
Our hope in thee obliterates all crushing darkness.
Let your light cleanse and restore us to your new dawn.
Rise with us, let our cause be one.
Lady of Gaudalupe, our souls be won.
Let your light illuminate the obscurity of our beings.
Help us overcome the darkness of non-being.
You are the truth, most inspired Virgin Mother.
Sustain us with a common vision.
That all our hope may never be in vain.
Thrust us forth, your victory claim,
Set us free - no more oppression, please.
You are Our Lady of Guadalupe, to thee we plead,
Guide us in your way of loving one another.


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