* To stop Satan stand strong.
* God's Word never sends you in the wrong direction.
* Money is not just something you make, it's something that makes you.
* Include God in every planning session.
* What's worthwhile is worth working for.
* Hidden sin never goes away.
* The cross sends a clear signal of love.
* Undedicated talents are unused talents.
* Be patient. God isn't finished with me yet.
* God's power is greater than any pressure.
* What is your spiritual age?
* You make the choice - you pay the price.
* Manhood isn't measured by muscle.
* God can turn problems into praises.
* When everything goes wrong, go to God.
* The more need you have, the more grace God gives.
* A relationship is much more than physical.
* God's commands always make sense.
* Satan doesn't want us to call sin "sin."
* To be like Jesus, be a servant.
* Our words go farther than we think.
* What goes through the eye touches the heart.
* When you reach out, don't miss the person next to you.
*Judge yourself before judging others.
* You can't use your rights until you know them.
* Spend eternal life with the eternal Light.

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