On the Job Training


In Person Techniques

1.   Make eye contact
2.   Acknowledge customer's presence
3.   Welcome the customer
4.   Smile

General Techniques

1.   Ask how you can help
2.   Use a pleasant tone of voice
3.   Use the customer's last name; address the individual as Ms. or Mr.
4.   Be polite
5.   Be helpful
6.   Be patient
7.   Exhibit customer empathy
8.   Handle private matters confidentially
9.   Maintain the dignity of the customer
10. Wear name tags
11. Say "thank you"
12. Say "we"
13. When appropriate say "I made a mistake"
14. Develop a practice listening skills
15. Give clear and concise explanations and directions
16. Verify customer's understanding
17. Respond quickly
18. Explain any delays
19. Focus on business issues
20. Be complete
21. Understand all procedures and policies
22. Where possible, do everything right the first time

Telephone Techniques

1.   Speak clearly
2.   Identify the office you represent and yourself
3.   Give clear explanations to the caller
3.   Do not put the caller on hold for longer than 2 minutes
4.   Transfer the caller personally. Give the telephone number and name of the individual you
      are transferring the caller to.
5.   Use an answering machine after hours

Personal Techniques

1.   Be aware of the personal image you project
2.   Be appropriately groomed
3.   Dress appropriately
4.   Be aware of your personal hygiene

Physical Environment

1.   Post clear and language-appropriate signs
2.   Post hours of operation
3.   Make clear and language-appropriate brochures and information available.
4.   Provide comfortable and clean waiting areas
5.   Provide access to telephones, rest rooms and waste baskets
6.   Provide kid friendly areas
7.   Provide a variety of reading, audio-visual materials

Employee Support Techniques

1.   Exhibit teamwork
2.   Have clear service goals
3.   Recognize and publicize accomplishments
4.   Make supervisors easily accessible for dispute resolution
5.   Promote customer feedback and publicize it
6.   Ask for help when needed
7.   Be proud of your work

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