To You With a Compassionate, Caring, Concerned Heart:

The Charter is about the Hmong/Montagnard crisis and the urgent solution we are proposing. This Charter is an amazing piece of legislation devised to allow citizenship rights for our people caught in between the borders of the People's Republic of China, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

This is the first and only Charter ever drafted since the Indo-china war ended twenty years ago. Our Charter has been designed for global circulation in order to meet the needs of the Hmong/Montagnard people. This Charter is the Hmong/Montagnard's express need to have mandated their quadrilateral citizenship within the People's Republic of China, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Each nation shares borders where Hmong/Montagnard people have been scattered and still remain in want of citizenship rights.

Our Charter will end the refugee problems existing in many Asian countries involving untold numbers of our people who are trapped with no place to go. Please read this Charter and the proposed solution being offered during this critical moment of their history. This is an urgent plea punctuated at the very same time as the reunification of Hong Kong with the People's Republic of China.

The Hmong/Montagnard fully realize that their problems as a people could never reach global proportions if it weren't for the world's heightened awareness focused on Hong Kong and the China merge which is set for July 1,1997.

Therefore, as a people, we seek justice for all while fully respecting all of the nations mentioned in our Charter.

Our Charter is in keeping with the gospel values of the New Testament.

We make an earnest plea for your active involvement and support. We need you to help effectively lobby our cause. Otherwise, their is fear that this culture will eventually vanish as they continue to lose their identity.

What can you do? Please notify your Federal Government leaders and their Agencies, the United Nations, Foreign Diplomatic Corps, World Government Leaders from all other major influential nations, your local State Governor, Senate and Congressperson, Support Groups, and all Volunteer Agencies who are capable of helping us. Humanitarians resources who have the financial means to support this endeavor are very much urged to help.

Ascent Foundation is a non-profit inter-faith organization dedicated to promoting Gospel values for the spiritual growth of mankind. Please send your contributions. Make your donation to Ascent Foundation. Your financial support is vital in helping to defray past and future expenses incurred for this cause.

The Hmong and Montagnard people believe in your friendship and active support. Thank you for enabling us with your commitment. This is a once-in-a-life-time historical opportunity to bring peaceful and just rights for these people. It has been said that God does not care about our abilities, nor about our disabilities, only about our availability.

Please help!

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