The pledge is for the purpose of offering youth a fuller life based on a code of conduct and values which are not above your power of attainment. Remember: "Power is made perfect in weakness." Anyone seriously making this pledge will find peace of mind and heart no matter how difficult their trials. You may not control the wind but you can adjust the sails. Celebrate the deeper meaning of your life found through the practice of this manual.

Rules of Conduct
1. Trust in the One God.
2. Find Good Role models.
3. Honor and revere the teachings embodied in the Holy Bible.
4. Since we will be judged by our actions alone, let there should be no barrier between one person and the other.
5. Sacrifice your own comfort for the poor and needy in your world.
6. Never tolerate violence to others.
7. Regard all people with respect.
8. Don't be a slave of bad habits that are harmful like gambling, sex, falsehood, theft, tobacco, and every kind of intoxicants.
9. Have no respect for smoking.
10. Try to be of very high character at all times.
11. Be known by the salutation: "Always be kind."
12. Nurture progressive views of peace.
13. Remember that harmony in nature is the form of the modern mind.
14. Make yours a caring position in society.
15. Believe in our oneness with God.
16. Worship God, once a week, with the people of God.

Teen Values
1. The teen do not believe in ego systems. They are born to serve humanity. Teens trust in oneness with Christ.
2. Teens are believers of peaceful and progressive fellowship. They are a tolerant personality who do not give into anger.
3. Teens are a new order of society. Each is known as a special person. They are capable of preserving and developing godly principles of conduct.
4. Teen harmony is gifted with extraordinary qualities of compassion. They have lamb-like humility in peace. Teens stand against heavy odds.
5. Teen harmony is a life of invincible optimism. They have serene smiles at their own sorrows. They have the power to alleviate or lessen the sufferings of others in time of need.
6. Teen harmony is against "might is right."
7. By submitting to lust, greed, idolatry, superstitions, pride, and pessimism harmony no longer exists.
8. Teens are fond of good qualities, i.e. faith in the One God, repetition of His Name, simplicity of habits, humility of temper, and truthfulness.
9. Teens learn through honest labor. They can share their labor with the needy. They try always to resign themselves to God's will. Morning and evening prayers are said be for the good and the prosperity of humanity. They are be always sympathetic to the poor and afflicted.
10. Teens have love for all, and malice towards none. They always stand for peace, and the well-being of all without distinction, because teens believe in "no one is an enemy."
11. Teen harmony is an unparalleled structure of society. They have the spirit of love for all, and are servants of society.
12. Teen harmony is mostly concerned with conduct as well as creed which covers all aspects of life.
13. Teen harmony dwells in a religious person who is devoted to all. Teens suffer with courage. Due to this very noble quality, they have reached the height of their fame. They are to attain the highest position in society. They are considered most respectable within the masses. Actions pay large dividends.
14. Teens are only afraid of God and nobody else. They bow their head only before God.
15. Teens give a message of peace to all. They are emotionally courageous, energetic, and bold in their stamina.
16. Teens are loyal, loving children of God.
17. Teens do their best at all times
18. Teens never quit in the midst of adversity.
19. Teens always forgive others.
20. Teens respect their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit.
21. Teens learn from their mistakes.
22. Teens celebrate life joyfully.

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