Spiritual Reflection

Greece said...Be wise, know yourself.
Rome said...Be strong, discipline yourself.
Judaism days...Be holy, conform yourself.
Epicureanism...says...Be sensuous, enjoy yourself.
Psychology says...Be confident, fulfill yourself.
Materialism says...Be acquisitive, please yourself.
Pride says...Be superior, promote yourself.
Asceticism says...Be inferior, suppress yourself.
Diplomacy says...Be reasonable, control yourself.
Communism says...Be collective, secure yourself.
Humanism says...Be capable, trust yourself.
Philanthropy says...Be unselfish, give yourself.

any thought-dish from this smorgasbord of human philosophy, then digest it completely...and you will find yourself suffering from the worse case of indigestion imaginable. It may smell good and even satisfy your rhetorical palate during the time you are consuming it...but it will leave you hungry, uneasy, and searching for something else to satisfy. People are attempting to fill the inner vacuum with everything but the only thing. You name it, it's been tried.

As Henry Thoreau declared:

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

Christianity is not a system of human philosophy nor a religious ritual nor a code of moral ethics-it is the impartation of divine life through Christ. Apart from the Way there is no going....apart from the Truth there is no knowing...apart from Life there is no living.

God says... Be in Christ, rest yourself.

* Deepening Your Roots 1 John 3:16-20; Matthew 11:25-30; Psalm 62:5-8

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