After the desolation comes the consolation.
After many detachments much joy.
After the darkness comes the light
Paving the way toward the heavenly mansion.

After all of self is broken comes wholeness.
Then the wholeness brings a sacred bloom.
From all that is learned draws growth to holiness,
Finally comes that selfless blend with three.

After the self-ignorance comes the awakening
And doubts subside to wisdom's truth.
When the prayer of the soul is made alive
Then the splendor of creation is endless.

After all the weaving of human drama
Each thread that we activate reveals,
That Thy sacred love was always the pattern

For which myself is lost in the thought of Thee.

Eternal Father Thy presence is Divine.
They soft homecoming is my welcome.
The quilt of life complete is ready to respond
With nothing more to rouse me
At last my search for Thee is found.

No more do I sleep beneath the quilt of time,
Under thy comfort and warmth,
But now I radiate Thy wakefulness.

To all souls who sleep in the dark night.
Awake under the spell of Thy Eternal Love.

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