If you really knew me, would you still like me?


1. Coolness has become a highly popular way of presenting oneself to others.
2. It is not what we show off but what we hide away that tells our truest story.
3. Countless human beings wear masks which they hope will cover up what they dislike about themselves.
4. If we told the truth about ourselves, would they have to call out the police?
5. Living up to someones expectations can affect not only your career choice but the kind of marriage you make.
6. Mass culture in general rewards people not for being different but for being alike.
7. How empty is life when it is reduced to all the gusto you are supposed to be able to grab from a can of beer.
8. There is nothing wrong with needing and wanting someone to like us in a unique way.
9. Experience is the stuff of our own autobiography, the bedrock of truth about who we are, where we have been, and what it means to us.
10. We frequently are flashing signals about ourselves in what we do and in what we say.
11. Sometimes we do not spend the day so much as we kill it by slowly strangling it to death.
12. Listening to our feelings which are neither bad nor good is a way of getting vital information about who we are.
13. Life is not an illness for which we must seek a cure.
14. There may be nothing sadder than people who spend their lives talking about what they might have been.
15. We are victims in life when we choose to be.
16. A battered heart is hesitant to take love's risk again.
17. It's the heart afraid of breaking that may never learn to live.
18. Sometimes we try to secure our own identity by deriving it from someone else.
19. Love is not really love when it drains one person completely to nourish the other.
20. We cannot survive very long unless we hear someone say "I love you."
21. When someone prizes us just as we are, he or she confirms our existence.
22. We fear that if people see us with our makeup off, they will reject us.

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