Did you ever wonder who we are that are so near you?

We are Angels. Let us tell you who we are, and what we are about. We are creatures of God, of a higher order than you human beings are. Among ourselves we have a celestial hierarchy. We are the "Nine Choirs of Angels," and from the lowest to the highest we are called: Angels, Archangels, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Dominations, Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim. We do not possess physical bodies, contrary to human belief. Neither do we have wings. We are pure spirits. We do have spiritual emotions, and sentiments of a spiritual nature. In certain ways, these do compare to human emotions. We are immortal. Unlike you humans, we will never taste death. That is because we do not belong to the group called "Sons of God" as mentioned in the Scripture. We are not the glorified spirits of mortals who have gone on to progress through the mansions on high. We are direct creations, and do not reproduce. We are spirits, holy and immaculate, unless by chance, we become sinfully involved as did some of us in Lucifer's deception and pride. We are neither all-wise, nor all-powerful. We are not spies of the spirit world who watch you unceasingly and then go forth to tell the Eternal Father the thoughts of your heart, nor do we report on the deeds of the flesh. We are not tattle-tales. Our Heavenly Father has no need of such service in as much as His own Spirit lives within each of you. We, Angels, have definite form and do exist as discrete beings. Because we are of spirit in nature and origin, we are invisible to your mortal eyes. We can perceive you as you are in the flesh without aid of transformers or translators. Does this seem unfair to you? Don't pout. We are affectionate and sympathetic beings who are not sex-emotion creatures. We are now as you will be in the heavenly mansion. There, like us, you will "neither marry, nor be given in marriages." You will be like us, God's Angels, never to die. We customarily speak of sex-creatures as more directly descended from the Father and Son, as "Sons of God." We refer to ourselves, Children of the Spirit, as the "Daughters of God." As Angels, then, we are designated by feminine pronouns on the sex planets. We work always in pairs as do positive and negative nodes in your electrical current. In personal status, we, Angels, are not so far removed from human beings. But in certain functional performances we far transcend human beings. But because we are superior to you in spiritual status, does not ever make us your judges or accusers. It is a truth that we possess many powers, given to us by God, that far transcend you human powers. We are capable of mathematical wonders. This was evident when Jesus said that "the very hairs of your head are numbered." We care about you with so much feeling for you!

Let us now tell you what we do for you in God's plans. Perhaps you are not aware of it, and need this awakening.

It is by our ministry as Angels that one world may be kept in touch with other worlds. As angelic spirits, we do function to keep one part of the heavenly creation informed concerning the doings of other and remote parts of the universe. Being Angels makes us spirit-servants in heaven. Many of us angels, while functioning in the government of the Eternal Father and the Universes of the Sons, are assigned to the service of the whole human race. We guard you, but do not seek to directly influence you. You must chart your own course.  Our purpose is . . .
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Our purpose is to act upon your decision and make the best possible use of the course you have chosen. We do not intrude into the stage of human drama except in emergencies and then, usually, on the direct orders of our Superiors. We are not concerned with your appeals, or with your prayers. So long as you live life in the flesh, our intelligence is not available to you. We are the beings who follow you through the ages. We are very concerned with the means whereby your spirit is released from the tabernacle of the flesh, and escort your soul to the mansions in heaven. We are not overlords, or directors. We are simply guardians and messengers. When you are willfully intolerant and stubborn, we weep. But we cannot shed physical tears, because we do not possess physical bodies. After your death in the flesh, we faithfully conserve your records, identity specifications, and the human values related to your future existence. We, Angels, cooperate with mankind in the Divine Spirit. For us, the surest way to achieve the Paradise of God is by successfully guiding a soul of evolutionary origin to the portals of Paradise. The worlds teem with angels and humanity. We are handicapped by time and space even though we can travel faster and farther than you. Our mission is world intercommunication, guides of souls between death of the flesh and a new life. We have just given you a kind of "job description" of what we do in order to fulfill God's plan for us, the Celestial Choirs of Angels.

Now we would like to tell you how we feel about you, God's work-of-art. Listen carefully!

Many of us engage in the work of saving humanity. We love humans beings. Sometimes we may even lead you into the trouble you have chosen as loving discipline. We intellectually understand the mode of mortal life, and we share all of your non-sensuous emotions and sentiments. We appreciate your efforts in music, art, drama, and real humor. Do you realize that the Holy Scriptures have made mention of us nearly 300 times? You may have read about the Seraphim Angel who is able to function as a material minister to human beings under certain circumstances. But this is a rare action. You may also recall visitations from certain angels in the Scriptures. Isaiah was visited by such a one to ready him to speak God's Word. (Is 6:2) The Archangel Gabriel was chosen to be God's messenger to Mary, and communicate to her a plan of unspeakable proportion and significance, (Luke 1:26) No matter what your faults are, we Angels, even though greater in power and might, bring no accusation against you. We do not sit in judgment on mankind. Neither should individual mortals prejudge their fellow creatures. You do well to love us, but you should not adore us. We are not objects of worship. We are enjoined to worship, praise, and adore God alone. The Thrones are one of our Nine Choirs whose official task and reason for existence is to adore the Triune God. Before the throne of God, the Seraphim eternally burn with zeal and love for the Trinity. We await your arrival in the mansion-world where we will rest and worship with you. We love you immortal human beings and only good can come from your efforts to understand and love us. Our unity will be ideal, and our companionship will be superb.

Always loving you,
The Angels of God.

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